Air pollution in industrial enterprises

Airborne pumps

basic principle of ventilation

Centrifugal exhaust veshilyatory

Determination of air exchange

dust control

Exhaust System

Forced ventilation on confectionery

Hourly values

mist of water vapor

pressure loss in the flare emissions

radioactive dust

scheme of the central pressure inlet system

Special prechamber

temperature gradient

Ventilation at bakeries

Ventilation in the Confectionery Factory

ventilation when dealing with heat


simulation of the jet emanating from the nozzle in the incoming air stream

This study simulated a jet emanating from the nozzle in the incoming air stream. Experiments have established that the incoming flow (wind) is strongly blurs the jet was also found that the most stable currents in the jet appear on its surface by the incoming flow. The experiments were conducted at a ratio of velocity at the exit of nozzle... read more >>

Ring sucking

Dusty packing machines, or are in asiiriruemy housing, or provided with an annular suction of pneumatic clamping the neck of a paper bag. In the latter case, the amount removed by suction of air should be not less than 1000 m3 / h at a suction. At the conclusion of the packaging machine to cover the amount of exhaust air is determined by... read more >>

Roof fans

Roof fans are designed for decentralized obscheobmenpoy extracts from the upper zone of the premises, directly under the roof. Typically, roof fans are working with direct intake air from a room without air ducts.

Most applicable roof fans for exhaust from the shops with no significant heat, such as welding workshops, garages and so... read more >>

scheme automation supply plant

Fig. 26. Scheme automation supply plant / - heated valves, 2 - oil filter: 3 - double-pass valve, 4 - heater, 5 - fan, 6 - electric motor, 7 - temperature controller, 8-regulating valve, 9 - control unit, 10 - knot regulation

Automatic Protection radiators from freezing is as follows: (And if the system is off it gets cool air, the... read more >>

scheme of the central pressure inlet system

Scheme of the central pressure inlet system is shown in Fig. AO. There is central air intake imposed outside the industrial site, a central plenum chamber of the filtration and Air Heater units (or only with Air Heater) and discharge veins shlya mountains (usually one fan is working, and the second backup). Processed in the chamber air is... read more >>

Selections vapors of volatile liquids

We note one fact concerning the allocation of vapors of volatile liquids - such as ether, alcohols, benzene and gasoline. These liquid evaporates rapidly at room temperature, consuming requirements for the evaporation of heat from ambient air and cool it. If the premises are no significant sources of heat, then the highest concentration... read more >>

Shelter and local pumps

Umbrellas (caps), and their succinct versions - curtains (screens) - fairly common local shelter. However, the term "shelter" is not quite accurate, because the umbrella in the best case can be covered, but not to conceal the source of harm.

Umbrellas and curtains are used to locate hazards, have a tendency to climb. It would be wrong... read more >>

signaling the presence of air in working premises of toxic gases and vapors

All the shops, which may release toxic hazards, regardless of the ventilation system must be equipped with special automatic devices for signaling the presence in the air of the premises of toxic gases and vapors. In industries that use open hardware or equipment that has inspection openings and workers, ventilation, usually arranged with... read more >>