Air pollution in industrial enterprises

Airborne pumps

basic principle of ventilation

Centrifugal exhaust veshilyatory

Determination of air exchange

dust control

Exhaust System

Forced ventilation on confectionery

Hourly values

mist of water vapor

pressure loss in the flare emissions

radioactive dust

scheme of the central pressure inlet system

Special prechamber

temperature gradient

Ventilation at bakeries

Ventilation in the Confectionery Factory

ventilation when dealing with heat


Ventilation exhaust chambers

Ventilation exhaust chambers may be artificial or natural. Provide a natural ventilation exhaust chambers with baffles is desirable in all cases, regardless of the degree of hazard for removal ventilation substances. Natural extract from the room cameras are removed the excess heat from the electric motors and fans, as well as occasional... read more >>

Types suction side and their use

According to a constructive implementation of on-board pumps are ordinary (simple) and overturned. In conventional suction slots located in the vertical plane, overturned - in the horizontal. If the slot is located on-board suction on one side of the mirror separation hazards, then the suction is called one-sided, or odnobortovym. When placing... read more >>

Typical air lines

Typical air ducts designed two sections. The first type, having a size of 300X400 mm, used in air volume up to 8500 m31ch, the second tin, having a size of 400X600 mm - with the volume of air supplied over 8500 m3 / h.

Loss of air at the design depend on the length of the duct, the thoroughness of its implementation and the number served... read more >>

typical example of incomplete kapsyulyatsii

A typical example of incomplete kapsyulyatsii a sheltered place to drop the belt conveyor onto the conveyor from the crusher or onto a belt conveyor. This type of shelter SIOT (with side vented chambers), the most completely (Fig. 10).

Here is Table. 11, borrowed from CH 155-61 and somewhat clarified by the size of the shelter.

Estimated...

values to calculate the assimilation of harmful gases and vapors

Values regulated by the SN 245-63. When released, only one harmful gas, the calculation is at its assimilation. In the case of the selection of several harmful gases and the amount of ventilation air is taken for the hazard, which requires the most with the exception of the joint allocation of the following hazards:

a) several solvents...

Ventilation at bakeries

The main hazard breadmaking - excess heat and moisture. Dust emission are available, but they are insignificant. Flour dust is relatively harmless, struggle with it no problem. Gazovydelenpya, fogs and aerosols in bakeries almost never occur. Discharge from the bakery and konditerskihpechey so insignificant that almost no role. Due to the... read more >>

Ventilation cab

Ventilation cab can be done outside or craft supply treated air.

If the premises are allocated harmful gases, it is difficult absorbed chemical sinks (carbon monoxide), almost universally applied outside air ventilation. In the presence of gases absorbed by water or aqueous solutions of reagents, the possibility of filing a cabin air... read more >>


Dust extraction ventilation is used in the production of medium and low intensity of the dust. These include mechanical and finishing shops, some shops chemical plants, etc. Here, buildings are typically divide the floors, the height of the premises no more than 5 m strip inclined ducts is often impossible. With low content of small and... read more >>