Air pollution in industrial enterprises

Airborne pumps

basic principle of ventilation

Centrifugal exhaust veshilyatory

Determination of air exchange

dust control

Exhaust System

Forced ventilation on confectionery

Hourly values

mist of water vapor

pressure loss in the flare emissions

radioactive dust

scheme of the central pressure inlet system

Special prechamber

temperature gradient

Ventilation at bakeries

Ventilation in the Confectionery Factory

ventilation when dealing with heat


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Combating noise and vibration with fans

When operating fan systems, there are two types of noise: aerodynamic - from the vortices, runs away with a blade wheel by forming the air waves and mechanical vibrations arising from the fan and motor, as well as bearings and transmission.

Mechanical noise is closely related with the vibration. Reducing vibration of both the fan and... read more >>

Calculation of annular suction side

Lyautey in 1960 published a separate booklet, "Calculation of annular suction side." Lyoto work on this issue, unfortunately, did not give comprehensive results, which could take advantage of the designers in their practical work.

Length determine the amount of air that must be removed from the round mirror on-board suction, use of... read more >>

Calculation suction side

Widespread use of onboard suction in the industry began in the 30's. Then there were the first theory of the suction and the first formula for calculating them. The pioneers in this business were engineers Vivarelli and Bromley. Their proposed formulas designed to calculate the suction side of plating and pickling baths.

One of the...

Centrifugal exhaust veshilyatory

Centrifugal exhaust veshilyatory serving system with torch release (and that hedgehog with wet air cleaning), ooyazatelno should be fitted with a device for removing water from the casing. Usually, this siphon tube with a diameter of 20-50 mm with a depth of water seal of 200 mm. Is removed through a siphon water is desirable to take down... read more >>

Choice dust collector

When you select a dust collector in each particular case must take into account a number of circumstances, chief among them - dust properties and the required degree of cleaning plays an important role worth of dust and the need to return to production. Essentially the presence or absence of water and the possibility shlamoudaleniya. And... read more >>

Cleaning exhaust air from the dust

Extractors remove the sometimes very large amounts of dust. In large enterprises the amount of dust removed by aspiration, measured in tons per hour. Throw dust out is impossible because it would polluted air basin near the industrial site.

Sanitary standards (A 1215 - 03 as follows regulate the need for air purification from dust.... read more >>

coefficient m

For the hot shops, in which heat comes mainly from industrial furnaces, the coefficient m can not accurately be determined depending on the ratio of area occupied by the furnace (or other sources of intense release of heat convection), the gross floor area of the room. Table. 15 shows the data to determine the coefficient m depending on... read more >>