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Wetted dust and humidified air, sucking in gidroobespylivanii contribute overgrowing air aspiration system. The moist air easily distinguishes condensate, wet dust tends to stick together. Therefore, when gidroobespylivanii need for more frequent and thorough sweeping of ducts, precipitators before they are made of minimum length. Besides... read more >>

Flare emissions of air pollution

Air polluted with noxious gases, fumes and aerosols, even when it is removed by local suction devices are generally not cleaned before throwing it out. To avoid air pollution near the company removed the ventilation is usually set aside as possible to higher layers of the atmosphere.

Abstraction extracted from the air spaces in the... read more >>

ventilate1 (46)

For the chemical industry is characterized by: the presence of emergency ventilation and exhaust fans duplication. II both called the toxicity of harmful gay, coming up in the air of industrial premises. For the same reason in certain industries, in addition to ventilation and sealing, have resorted to measures of individual protection to... read more >>

Forced ventilation on confectionery

Forced ventilation in confectionery should fully meet the above, the inadmissibility of dust in the premises. For, unfortunately, design standards of the confectionery industry does not contain any guidance on this issue. There is no data in the literature.

Filtration of incoming air and year-round, designed for summer work supply plants... read more >>

formulas, which include the value of WM

Formulas, which include the value of WM, suitable for installation performance of more than 50 m3 / h. For plants less productivity may use these formulas, provided the substitution in these quantities WM = 50 m3 / h.

The volume of air Lu, prosasyvaemogo vented through the chamber and the density in shelters such as SIOT on conveyors... read more >>

General exchange extraction of the lower zone of craters

Warehouses that store bulk materials in the label (and drums and similar containers, dust is much less. If the bulk material is not poisonous, there might restrict natural ventilation. But in this case by all the same desirable mechanical ventilation. If the toxic materials (lead , manganese, cadmium compounds, etc.) then you must pomoschyo... read more >>

general ventilation in the fight against moisture and fog

General ventilation in the fight against moisture and fog, is usually performed in a "bottom - up". Anyway, drawing is always done from the upper zone. The influx is served or in the work zone with a temperature close to room temperature - in the absence of fogging, or the working and upper zone - when dealing with fog.

When fogging...