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Ventilation at bakeries

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ventilation when dealing with heat


Parovydeleniya and gassing

Parovydelenpya and gassing which affect the PA man in modern industry are extremely diverse.

If hazardous gases are numerous and vary in their properties, the noxious fumes in many respects similar to each other (except for mercury vapor). They usually represent a pair of highly volatile liquids. This is usually hydrocarbons, alcohols... read more >>

main production building

The main production building is usually a one-story multi-span building of considerable length. In the building there are tiers formed by work areas. Lights are arranged just above the oven compartment. Openings reactors expansions derived above the roof of the building. Vertical walls are usually allocated only dusty - Department of milling... read more >>

Metal ducts

Metal ducts, especially at high speeds the air vibrate and create additional noise. This fact should be borne in mind for the "quiet" production, as well as for buildings, which houses laboratories for the engineering corps, etc. There are instances where due to noise caused by vibration of metal ducts, it is impossible to exploit forced... read more >>

Methods of localization of harmful emissions

General ventilation effectively and economically removes heat only in the absence of other hazards. The simultaneous presence vlagovydeleny, preventing aeration during the cold season, significantly reduces the efficiency of general ventilation. Other hazards (gases, fumes, dust), evolved separately or together with heat and moisture, generally... read more >>

mist of water vapor

The fog of steam - harmful and dangerous for the garding of the safety and building constructions. Risk to humans is mainly in the deterioration or even complete lack of visibility that can lead to accidents. Particularly dense fog with the shortage of heat in the lower zone of the room near the doors, windows and loosely covered with openings.... read more >>

most advanced types of shelters

The most sophisticated types of shelters are all kinds of casings, completely isolating the source of hazards. Shelter-shrouds on the basis of their actions can be divided into the following groups:

a) The shelter-sheaths encase himself in a car or a vehicle (car or vehicle maintenance is conducted through openings);

b) cover type...

Numerical Example

Consider a numerical example. Inside height of 6 m, where the air is not mixed, it is necessary to remove with general ventilation of 200 kg / h of moisture. Heat low, the temperature of the working area +! 8 В° C, relative humidity 70%. Moisture content of outdoor air tn =- + 10 В° C, and F = 65%

rf 5 g 1 kg.

For given parameters...

Obtaining lead and chromium crown

Getting the lead and chromium crown belongs to a very hazardous industry. Enterprise for the production of foliage is usually thin with periodic processes and significant manual labor. This will exacerbate the harm of production, as well as good ventilation of such enterprises is difficult. With the ventilation point of view of the production... read more >>

Organization principles general ventilation

Principles of organization of general ventilation flow from the nature of the spread of harmful substances on the premises. Uniform allocation of pollutant in the area of industrial premises or at its height is rare. As a rule, the hazards highlighted in certain areas, both vertically and horizontally. Currents of air gases and vapors are... read more >>

Packaging crown

Packing crown should be made only in shelters with heavy aspiration. Ring pumps with pneumatic clamps bags are not applicable. It is important that spillage packed product remained in hiding and did not get on the floor of the room. Air velocity in the working opening shelters should take at least 2 m / sec.

Shelter packaging machine...