Air pollution in industrial enterprises

Airborne pumps

basic principle of ventilation

Centrifugal exhaust veshilyatory

Determination of air exchange

dust control

Exhaust System

Forced ventilation on confectionery

Hourly values

mist of water vapor

pressure loss in the flare emissions

radioactive dust

scheme of the central pressure inlet system

Special prechamber

temperature gradient

Ventilation at bakeries

Ventilation in the Confectionery Factory

ventilation when dealing with heat


Production grated colors

There are still applied periodically to current devices - mixers, ball mills, as well as those with deficient sanitary point of view mechanisms, such as roller kraskoterki.

The main hazard the production of crushed paint - the dust of pigments and solvent vapors, the latter play dominant role. Used solvents - mostly white siprng... read more >>

Personal respiratory protection

The workers included in the cabin periodically and briefly (except for repair, but at this time of the production process stops and the hazard does not stand out) and use the tools of personal respiratory protection. Masks with feeding them fresh air are applied in the presence of gases not absorbed by the industrial respirators, such as... read more >>

planning and design offices and support facilities

So far there are no any rules parameter design of ventilation in indoor design and engineering bureau. Limited guidance on the multiplicity of air exchange in the engineering offices are listed in the norms SN 245-63, refer to the small rooms are located in the administrative complex. With regard to project offices by institutions, then... read more >>

pressure loss in the flare emissions

Pressure loss at the flare emission is composed of dynamic pressure at the outlet from the pressure loss in kopfuzore. The latter, referred to the output rate of ~ o0, does not exceed 15% of the dynamic pressure. The total drag coefficient of flare emission.

Besides the basic benefits - removal of harmful substances into the higher... read more >>

Principles of ventilation plants with toxic secretions

When designing ventilation in workshops with toxic hazards (some shops the chemical industry, production of plastics, electroplating shops, etc.), economic issues are secondary. The main point here, the sanitary condition of industrial premises. Our sanitary rules and regulations, and guidelines for the design of ventilation regulate... read more >>