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typical example of incomplete kapsyulyatsii

A typical example of incomplete kapsyulyatsii a sheltered place to drop the belt conveyor onto the conveyor from the crusher or onto a belt conveyor. This type of shelter SIOT (with side vented chambers), the most completely (Fig. 10).

Here is Table. 11, borrowed from CH 155-61 and somewhat clarified by the size of the shelter.

Estimated Square leaks refined for practical data.

Note. a - cross-sectional area of lateral chambers and ventilated area looseness in the front by the rear end wall of the shelter in m2;

Until recently it was believed that the wet sanding and grinding is not required ventilation with local suction. However, experience has shown significant contamination by dust in the premises of wet grinding of metal abrasive wheel. The phenomenon is understandable, since the flare spray emulsion, departing from the circle contains the smallest (the most harmful) particles are abrasive - sparks that are visible to the naked eye. Particles of the emulsion or water, enters the room, evaporate, and the dust in the air.

Grinding and sharpening occurring in the wet state, require local suction with craters, as well as similar dry processes. With some manual processes (packaging, shkurovka) observed a significant dust emission. The most rational way to conduct these processes in shelters such as showcase or visors. Possible, although less efficiently, the use of tables with grills and a lower suction.

To dedusting GEL bulk materials, their lids closed and provided with an extract directly from under the covers. In this case, the bin itself is aspiriruemym shelter. In some industries have to deal with evacuated paper and cloth bags. If they throw the bags on the floor after discharge, as is usually done, inevitably strong dusting, which is difficult to fight. In this case, we propose to establish near places unloading sacks of special bunkers, reminiscent of a large mailbox with a slotted top and exhaust of air.

Emptied bags or directly dropped in the slot bunker, or go down there to shoot.

In the bunker it is desirable to set the vibrating mechanism at least with a manual drive. With this mechanism, empty bags shaken before deleting them through the door at the bottom of the bunker.

The scheme of such a device is shown in Fig. 11. Door for emptying the hopper not shown.