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Ventilation exhaust chambers

Ventilation exhaust chambers may be artificial or natural. Provide a natural ventilation exhaust chambers with baffles is desirable in all cases, regardless of the degree of hazard for removal ventilation substances. Natural extract from the room cameras are removed the excess heat from the electric motors and fans, as well as occasional gassing through leaks in the delivery of the systems. When natural exhaust air is removed from the upper zone, where generally the gas concentration is highest.

In the cold season heat in exhaust chamber is not always observed. The natural extract, even with the wind, it becomes unreliable. In the presence of toxic substances in exhaust air, as well as explosive and strongly odorous substances to be applied mechanical ventilation of the premises of exhaust chambers. With highly toxic substances - cyan, lead, mercury - mechanical ventilation of premises exhaust chamber is required. Inlet installation is recommended to have the same mark, which are served by their premises, or below them. This is particularly important when hazardous and explosive discharge. If the supply plant is located above the accepted its premises, then its omission as a result of samotyagi possibly getting into the system of air pollution.

Question of the field fence and the air exhaust is still controversial. Different rules give different advice, sometimes conflicting.

In SNIP IT. 7-62 there is almost acceptable indications of the relative positions of places fresh air intake and discharge of polluted.

Indicated that emissions in amosfsru air pollution has generally predusma i rpvatvsya above the roof of the building. Oppose this does not have: air certainly has thrown over the roof. But at what height above the ridge .- or below it, and what is considered a fad - fad or ridge of the roof lantern?

Consider it necessary to remove fumes of industrial ventilation in all cases above the ridge of a roof or canopy, if any. In extreme cases, subject always to use the flare emissions may have the mouth of the exhaust pipes at the ridge of the roof lantern PLI, but not below. If, however, in close proximity to this building is located adjacent larger building (which often happens in small enterprises located near residential buildings), the exhaust pipes should be displayed above the ridge of the roof of the adjacent building, or even with him. Flare ejection position somewhat easier by reducing the risk of skidding hazards to neighboring areas (especially in the warm season, when windows are open), but, nevertheless, the mouth of the exhaust pipe should be displayed above the ridge of the roof in all cases. Dispose of the same toxic exhaust pipe should be raised above the roof as possible.