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Ventilation production and laboratory facilities

For production facilities by the Corps include various workshops and expert workshops: mechanical, instrumental, experimental, electroplating, assembly, and other specific to certain industries.

Dwell on the assembly halls, which is almost universally done soldering tin or other substances, including lead alloy FNL.

If the solder is tin, may restrict the general exchange extraction. Preferably, however, the local pumps. When soldering is lead alloy that is most common, local pumps are required in all cases. Depending on operating conditions and dimensions of solderable, conductive objects soldering can be done in the cabinet or showcase shelters, tables, equipped with local suction and directly in a room with bulky items.

When soldering on the tables used local pumps in the form of craters. Funnel are effective enough, even for small amounts of exhaust air under the conditions that the mouth of the receiver is near the place of solder. If the funnel is removed from the place of solder to 250-300 mm, the hazards are removed poorly even with significant rates of aspiration. Is very important to soldering, but from which end of the solder is still allocated harm, would be located near the crater, but better still inside her.

Specified conditions are achieved at a strictly fixed locations soldering small items na special "booths." located near the suction funnel, as shown in Fig. 52. Next to "stand" set stand for the soldering iron in such a way that the tip of the soldering iron was placed in the mouth of the funnel.

Soldering equipment stands and mounts showed good results when working with lead alloys. Velocity in the cross section of craters was 2,5-3 m / sec, ie, was lower than usually recommended 5 m / sec. At a speed of 2.5 m / s volume exhaust air na one funnel dimensions 400X200 mm is about 700 ml / h.

When soldering the smaller parts can be assigned to the crater size 250X200 mm. Velocity in the cross section of such a funnel made 3-3,5 m / sec, while the volume of air exhausted - 550-650 Martyrs. Solder products mean envelope is convenient in shelters that are desirable to perform transparent organic glass. When the value of opening a shelter in one workplace 700x400 mm, at speeds in the doorway of 0,7 m / s exhaust air volume is ~ 700 Martyrs.

If you want to perform soldering on large objects, it is advisable to have several movable panels that serve the possible places of rations, the same way as is done in the welding work. However, the Corps of Engineers and the laboratories of the mobile display is not always convenient, as they clutter up the room and spoil its appearance. Usually limited to stationary suction panels, are located at the premises step, and sometimes they sang have vertical movement. Items on which you want to make soldering transported to the suction panels, owing to which local exhaust. Vertical panels are used, they are usually the size of 500x500 mm. Speed in the living section of the panel take 6-8 m / sec, considering the significant removal of harmful substances from the site selection panel. At a speed of 8 m / sec at a live section of the panel equal to 0.25 of the marker, the volume of air exhausted will be 1800 m3 / h.

In the experimental departments the Corps of Engineers found the most diverse equipment, different. Mechanisms. Emitting devices hazard in most cases is fixed or collapsible shelters. Apply various types of shelters, ranging from special hoods and ending with collapsible shelter with removable shutters. Less common shelter cabin type, in which people come from time to time, using personal protective equipment.

For small-sized equipment is very well paid off cabinet cover, made of transparent materials. In these shelters device or mechanism is fully accessible for observation. Service its done through a PLI few openings. Sometimes a transparent cover is placed only a portion of the apparatus, the source selection hazards.

In steady-state shelters with long openings that are used at work are only partially used portable transparent shields. Such flaps in the amount of one or two to allow the opening work in the opening along the entire length, closing at the same time part of its cross section. Poluzavodskie crushing and grinding mechanisms, and other dusty equipment is most often arranged in stationary or portable shelters, housing. In similar shelters, a small galvanic baths, tanks, furnaces for melting and burning, and the like apparatus.

Umbrellas as local suction in the engineering buildings and laboratories are categorically excluded both because of their ineffective actions, and on the requirements of aesthetics. When a fuel and equipment used vlagovydelyayuschey glazed curtain, often as heat and moisture are removed general exchange ventilation.