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Warehouses bulk materials

The chemical industry raw material storage and finished goods are usually not heated and ventilated. At the same time every now and stores bulk materials (eg, warehouse super-phosphate) are premises with abundant dusty. In these areas people are working at times continuously during the shift. Therefore, leave the premises of warehouses street from the standpoint of sanitation is unacceptable. Unfortunately, the majority of cases of bulk warehouses. Materials remain outside the attention of designers of industrial ventilation openings.

Ventilation storage of bulk materials, especially when their low mechanization, the problem is rather complex, still not resolved. The following proposed considerations are an attempt to more or less reasonable approach to solving this problem.

All stores bulk materials irrespective of whether these materials are stored in containers PLI "bulk" is to place more or less dusty.

If heated warehouse and stored material allows moisture in the first place should be provided gidroobespylivanie, ie, wetting the material, as well as fogging to suppress vzmuchennoy dust in the air. Cleaning of such facilities should be made wet or wet. Floors in storage rooms as possible should be maintained constantly wet.

In these areas need to arrange with the installation of the system pnevmogidroobespylivaniya tumanoobrazovateley. Tumanoobrazovateli simultaneously implement dust suppression and wetting of the material. For additional moisture can be used by jets. For fog formation and maintenance of sex in the wet state may apply tumanoobrazovateln type CPS-5. Said tumanoobrazovatel gives a powerful and long torch with a good spray of water. Work tumanoobrazovatelya may be constant or intermittent. Achieve an appropriate reduction of dusty warehouse with a single gidroobespylivaiiya only rarely possible. Usually have to combine gidroobespylivanie with ventilation measures.

Local pumps in stores bulk materials without packaging is almost impossible. General ventilation does not provide a tangible effect. In this case, the fight against dust falls to the forced ventilation. Hood is a supporting and occasionally takes the form of suction zone.

If the stock of bulk materials is overhead crane, the crane is usually the only person staying in the room for a long time. Submission to the cab clean heated air is almost completely solves this problem by protecting a person from the dust. Certainly, the premise is not dedusting, but it is not so much as stay in the stock of other people besides the crane, either briefly or completely eliminated. Sometimes in small warehouses to move the material to the transporting device used bulldozers with electric motors. For this particular case predlataetsya following decision.

Storage rooms are not heated. Loose material that does not allow moisture is stored directly on the floor. When filling and unloading of stock material moves across the floor with a bulldozer, and there is significant dust generation.

Bulldozer in a special booth with a working opening for inspection, similar cab. On the roof of the cab is mounted unit consisting of an electric, oil filter and a centrifugal fan (Fig. 41). Air are removed from the premises, cleared of dust in yacheykovoy filter is heated in the radiator and the fan is blown into the cabin. The plant capacity in 1500 Martyrs. Electricity to the heater n motor fed by a flexible armored cable.