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Calculation of annular suction side

Lyautey in 1960 published a separate booklet, "Calculation of annular suction side." Lyoto work on this issue, unfortunately, did not give comprehensive results, which could take advantage of the designers in their practical work.

Length determine the amount of air that must be removed from the round mirror on-board suction, use of empirical data, and in some cases to take the volume of air exhausted by analogy with existing installations.

When calculating the ring and Semiring suction may use the data table. 26, taking relatively equal width mirrors 0,8 d, where d--diameter round mirror.

We calculate the annular suction side of the mirror furnace with a diameter d --- \, 2 m from the surface of which is allocated a toxic spray. The temperature of the mirror ~ 1300 В° C. Allowable concentration of harm is less than 1 .kg/ig3, the aerosol is classified as hazardous.

blowing slit height to avoid clogging it is recommended to take equal to not less than 5-7 mm, the average speed in the slot blowing - in the range of 10-12 m / sec at high initial speeds of the jet-supply may cause waves on the surface of the liquid .

Slit height blowing

Ac = 0.013 & [m].

Average speed of blowing can be determined by the formula

vz = 6,67 Kb \ m / sec], (68)

but not more than 12 m / sec.

The amount of air removed by suction in the presence of on-board blow-off, calculated by the formula LB = 6LC [Martyrs]. (69)

The height of the slit suction / r = 16 hc [m].

Average speed in the slot suction can be calculated from the expression

vB = 2,5 Kb [m / sec].

When calculating the bath with a highly toxic secretions, as well as at the mirror more than 100 В° C is recommended to multiply the values of Lc and LB, found in the above formulas, the coefficient r greater than unity:

at the mirror up to 100 В° C noxious secretions

L = 1,2 - 1,3;

However, with particularly harmful discharges
at the mirror above 100 В° C for harmful discharges

= 1,3: 1,4;

However, with particularly harmful discharges • 1) = 1.45 -.- 1,5.

It should be to alter the height of inlet and suction slots. In 1967 he appeared on-board method of calculating the suction developed by the Institute Proektprom ventilation. Method has not verified the practice, so is not presented here.