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Consolidation aspiration systems

In an effort to enlargement of aspiration systems, some experts recommend the use of sewers, especially the horizontal ones. Proposed metal and even concrete sewers of any section with a tray underneath. Removal of settled dust in the collector is a scraper PLI by flushing with water.

Vertical collectors type shown in Fig. 23 apply in cases where equipment is located aspiriruemaya na different vertical elevations or floor. Air velocity in the reservoir section is taken about 3-5 m / sec. Velocity at the entrance to the collector 6 -10 m / sec. The drag coefficient of the collector 1 = 2.

The use of vertical and horizontal collectors in the aspiration system is recommended

SNIP IT. 7-62.

In some special cases can be rationally used collectors, although much need for them there.

In practice, the design organizations of the Leningrad suction system with collectors almost did not catch on.

When designing a system with a collector in a dry dust removal must be borne in mind that the unloading of the reservoir - too dusty process.

The use of reservoirs for toxic and hazardous dusts contraindicated.

When you delete an explosive dust should take some precautions, of which we mention the following:

You should always install explosion - safe fans and motors, even after the dust - cleaning devices;

may appoint a small velocity in the aspiration to reduce the ash hoppers of dust in the air ducts;

grounded aspiration system for the removal of static electricity;

installed on ducts anti - explosive valves.

When combustible dust is not recommended for tees with a branch at the "bottom" of the duct, ie at the bottom of its perimeter.