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Air pollution is industrial site

Technological same emissions containing many times more unhealthy than air, in some cases are not cleaned or cleaned satisfactorily. Measures to clean only the ventilation air does not solve the issue, and the atmosphere of the industrial site, it is sometimes contaminated above acceptable standards. This applies particularly to dust contamination.

Air pollution is the industrial site and its immediate environment requires special measures to ensure the company a clean supply air. In the presence of outside air only dust pollution problem is solved by filtration air intake plenum installation. It should be noted that the chemical industry, in most cases set filters for incoming air. In known cases, due to the dust of outdoor air pollution have to give up the aeration and year-round operation of mechanical ventilation with air filtration.

dust control at chemical plants must be conducted not only in enclosed spaces. It is important to stop and dusty air of the industrial site equipment installed outside buildings, as well as dust-raising processes, such as when you receive a shipment of raw materials or finished products. It should be remembered that the parameters of chemical often found toxic dust, many times more dangerous than a neutral mineral dust artificial or natural origin. Dust in outdoor air toxic substances such as potassium bichromate, lead preparations, arsenious anhydride, etc., can lead to disastrous consequences, especially if the supply air is not filtered.

Should be paid attention to the struggle with the secondary dusty either indoors or on premises. The dust settled on the land and cock not only wind, but when driving and walking, creates an additional dusting.

Chemical plants sound cleaning dust should be devoted special attention. The use of industrial vacuum cleaners, and even better wet cleaning of premises and territory - very important. Event in a complex struggle with dust.
If the air environment of the industrial site than dust contains harmful gases, the challenge of building fresh air much more complicated. Great importance is the location of plants in relation to the prevailing winds. No less important is the location of air inlets. Under adverse conditions have to arrange the central inlet chamber with the recommendations air-receiving devices.

The central inlet chamber having precisely the chemical and metallurgical industries. You can specify, for example, the production of metallic mercury from the ore - the domain of technology, which stands on the brink of metallurgical and chemical industries. Air handling system with the central chamber, serving a group of buildings or all buildings of the industrial site, arranged two types: pressure and suction system. The latter system was proposed by the author in 1958