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dust control

Dust control - the most difficult task parameters confectionery. So far, it is not completely resolved. This is explained on the one hand, small-scale mechanization of production and, on the other hand, the lack of attention by health authorities.

Insufficient scale of production does not allow to carry out continuous and sealing pylevydelyayuschih processes. Loading and unloading of bulk materials - flour, sugar, starch - is often done using primitive tools of manual labor. Such dedusting process very difficult. In addition, PA confectionery impossible wetting materials and gidroobespylivanie.

For refining sugar to produce powdered sugar commonly used primitive hammer microgrinder similar to those used in the chemical industry. These mills produce a directed flow of dusty air. They are provided with individual cloth filter, which, however, does not prevent dusting, especially in the handling of the mill.

When a sugar mill maintenance auger is made from time to time only in moments of change filled with empty containers. Short-term maintenance of mills kapsyulirovat allows them to exclude stay working in a dusty environment.

Mills should be enclosed in a glazed cabin, in which workers go, using personal protective equipment, respirators.

Very important design packaging for the reception of milled sugar. Sometimes used for this purpose bags are unacceptable. Powdered sugar should be collected in a metal movable bucket placed under the umbrella-sheltered, from which you are sucking air. Estrus mills should be fitted with gates, overlap in time to replace the filled bucket empty.

Fig. 43 shows the setting mpkromelyshtsy with local suction. In order to avoid spillage on the floor is recommended to install a special mill pan.

Bucket with powdered sugar are the bottom of the drop, if they bleed into the lower tank or a mixer. If the bucket emptied by tipping them to receivers located on the same level with the windmills, it is necessary to provide mechanical tipping bucket. Emptying the bucket should be done in CABINET STYLE shelter with exhaust air from it. Speed in opening shelters are encouraged to take at least 1,5 m / sec. It should be noted that powdered sugar can not be mechanical and pneumatic transportation, and can not be stored for a long time in the bunkers.

Hood of the cab, which are microgrinder, provided by local suction of the mill and additional suction from the lower zone of the cabin. In addition to local suction of the discharge and loading of the mill, we recommend that all local suction from the casing.

volume of exhaust air is made of 500 m3 / h. Multiplicity of exchange booths, in which sheltered the mill, usually taken within 50-60 volumes per hour, and in some cases up to a hundred. Door for entry into the cockpit holds the size of 700x1900 mm. Speed in the doorway must be not less than 0,3 m / sec.

43. Local suction from the micro mill

1 - microgrinder 2 - Filter 3 - hopper, 4 - umbrella-shelter in the place of discharge, 5 - mobile bucket, 6 - aspirating funnel; 7 - slotted suction

Isolation of dust observed in the Side of confectionery sugar, produced by hand or mechanically by shaking the sieve. When manually Side on the conveyor bed Dust carried out by means of unilateral sectioned onboard suction. Suction slit is located above the conveyor at a height of 80-100 mm. Slit width should be administered of 40 mm. At speed it 7 m / sec the amount of exhaust air at 1 running. m length of pipeline will be Ln 3600 • 0,04 • 1 • July 1000 m3 / h.

Mechanical Side is in hiding with suction aspiration. Air velocity in the openings shelter shall not less than 1,5 m / sec.

Dusty operation is a blow molded into starch candy shells. The operation is done in special machines equipped with dust extraction fan. These machines in most of the imported ones. Data on the number of exhausted air, unfortunately, not available. Tentatively, we can assume that the machine sucked 1000-1500 m3 / h.