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Emergency ventilation

Emergency ventilation in the production of titanium dioxide is not required. Local sucking fumes and gases from the reactors are arranged (except for the expansion of reactors), repulpatorov, thickeners and storage, in which there are solutions and suspensions with temperature above 50 В° C. Especially important local exhaust from vehicles, which is bubbling with compressed air. Mandatory mechanical ventilation on recovery vehicles, of which hydrogen is released and the hollow droplets.

Local pumps are arranged, usually with mechanical traction. A few homogeneous machines combine one exhaust system.

Slotted local pumps should suit of vacuum filters for a black filter, because the process takes place at a temperature of about 60 В° C and acidic solutions.

Dust emission are localized pockets of shelter dusting and aspiration. Aspiration is solved in the usual way, as the dust is not toxic. Gidroobespylivanie allowed only on the highway ilmenite before drying wetting wetting material is not acceptable and does not cause a necessity. During transport and packaging of finished titanium dioxide is not thought of even the slightest moisture, such as pnevmoraspyleniem water.

Ilmenite dust and wood flour used as a filtering layer, is of no value and can not go back into production. Cleaning the air of this dust is usually wet in the cyclones with a water film, cyclone-washer and scrubbers. Dust titanium dioxide, on the contrary, valuable, it must be captured and disposed of in a dry form. Here are most applicable Cloth suction filters. Aspiration of vehicles, bins and vehicles, to prevent significant pyleunosa be arranged suction hopper maybe more.

Due to the lack of toxic secretions blocking exhaust systems with production equipment for the most part is not provided. Exceptions are suction system gidroobespylivaniem where blocking is required. It provides the device will automatically feed water or terminate its filing, depending on the start or stop aspiriruemogo equipment. Water flow to the dispensers should be withdrawn as at idle, ie, in the absence of material.

Automation and lock air handling systems and air and heat shields in the manufacture of titanium dioxide common.

In areas without dust emission during mechanical ventilation, designed to vent heat and moisture, as well as the productivity of local suction, the multiplicity of exchange is usually obtained within 2 to 5 per hour. Large multiplicity of exchanges occur only in small isolated areas (pump, compressor, laboratories, etc.). The same applies to the oven compartment where natural ventilation is usually by means of aeration.

The amount of air removed from the equipment of the closed type is determined by the area of the drop-down hatches and leaks and the speed aspirated. Design speed should be aspirated (in m / sec): the allocation:

hollow droplets of acid .... a

ammonia and hydrogen chloride ...... 0,8

water vapor ................ 0,3

dust (download pylevydelyayuschego material into the machine) ............... 1,5

with sparging water vapor ........ 0,6

Regardless of the hazard from one device to be removed at least 300 Martyrs of air. When two or three similar devices can be taken for the calculation that, when opened all openings and hatches. When the number of vehicles more than three believe that both can be open hatches of not more than three vehicles. Others believe inspection hatches closed, believing that through leaks and cracks coming from 30 to 50% of the estimated amount of air.

calculate the amount of local extraction of five similar repulpatorov, which is bubbling with compressed air. Suspension of weakly acid, temperature 60 В° C. Inspection hatches have a diameter of 400 mm.

Area inspection hatch ~ 0.13 m 2; taking into account leakages cover 20% of the estimated area = 1,2-0,13 ~ 0.16 m2.

Speed in the doorway and cranny accept 0,7 m / s (as a suspension of weakly acid). We consider possible the simultaneous opening of three manholes. Then calculated the amount of air removed from a group of five repulnatorov be
L = 3600-0,16-0,7-3; 0,35-3600-0,16-0,7-2 1500lg7ch.

If there is a suspension of thickeners, the amount of air removed from them is usually prescribed to 5000 m3 / h for a thickener.

The amount of air intake slot suction from the trough a filter for filtering iron, based on real life data taken from 3000 to 5000 m3 / h, depending on the size of the filter.