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estimated multiplicity of exchange in production and auxiliary facilities

Table. 33 shows the calculated multiplicity of exchange in general ventilation in the production and auxiliary facilities. The table is acceptable for areas with normal height and area. Multiplicity exchange for washing provides general ventilation and hand washing. With dishwashers determined by the productivity of local air suction on them, moreover, should provide general exchange stretching from the upper zone of multiplicity at least 2. For a large table with hand washing is recommended to use suction slot, in this case air is determined by the performance exhaust hood, plus general exchange of twice the amount.

The amount of air removed by suction from the local dishwasher, depends on its design and size of business openings. The average volume of air removed from the machine can take 600-1000 m3 / h. From hand washing slot suction is usually removed from 300 to 500 m3 / h per wash, depending on its size.

It is recommended to arrange a local exhaustion of lukorezki using a suction funnel. The volume of exhaust air can be given from 200 to 300 m3 / h. General exchange extract the premises specified in Table. 33, produced from the upper zone. Supply air is also fed into the upper zone through louvred grille or nozzles for jet flows. Supply air temperature must not fall below +12 В° C. Ventilation in the sales rooms and buffets arranged general exchange aimed at combating excessive heat.

Heat from people and a hot meal according to accept CH 87-60 of 100 kcal / h per visitor and per employee services. Heat from lighting, solar radiation and the mechanisms are calculated in the usual way. When calculating the heat generation in the trading hall (buffet), it is assumed that all heat-generating equipment is operated simultaneously.

The calculated temperature in the working area of sales area are taken according to SN 87-60, but with some reservations. During the cold period when the outdoor temperature to +10 В° C internal temperature should not exceed +20 В° C. In the warm period must be guided by SNIP II-F. 7-62. Based on the above design temperature in summer should be no more than 3 В° C above the outdoor design temperature for the parameter A. In the sales area will be subject to such conditions of comfort, similar to the production shops, with a slight excess of the sensible heat. At a temperature in the working area above +28 В° C supply air must be cooled, for example by washing it with water recycle.

The temperature gradient in the sales rooms rarely exceeds 0.8 to 1 m in height above the working area, ie more than 2 g of gender. When a supply of air in the upper zone, in some cases, the temperature is aligned with the height and the gradient becomes zero. With an appropriate arrangement supply and exhaust openings temperature rise in height is observed even when applying fresh air into the upper zone.

Considered possible to take the temperature of air coming from the trading hall at 1 -1,5 В° C above the working area when applying fresh air at the top and 2-2,5 В° C - when applying the flow in the working area-This refers to the height of the premises 4-4,5 m

When a supply air in summer by mechanical means should be considered in its heating fan. Heating of the air depends on the fan design, the average can be assumed that the air is heated at 1 В° C.