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Features ventilation in the food industry

Food industry - a significant sector of modern industry, which includes diverse, sometimes complicated production. Modern food companies are using advanced technology. they are significantly automated and mechanized. Ventilation in these enterprises is recognized not only to ensure proper working conditions, but also contribute to the production of quality products.

Clean on food enterprises - the cornerstone of production. Last but not least the role played by the purity of air in contact with ready-made destitute. The presence of dust and with it the pathogens in the production facilities is unacceptable. Particularly unacceptable dust in those areas in which the finished product is consumed in food without first washing or heat treatment.

For food consumed without any treatment, include confectionery (sweets, cakes, etc.), bakery products, sausages, meats, ice cream, etc. Contamination of food by dust, especially dust, urban, not only unpleasant but also dangerous. Should assume that the food companies, producing not processed consumer products, air purification from dust is the demand process. Can be guided by. 4.55,6 SNIP II-F. 7-62, which are required to clean up the air supplied from the dust, if it is required under the terms of technology. If a company produces, is exposed in the future one way or another treatment (boiled, fried, cleaning), or products packaged in hermetically sealed containers, the requirements for clean indoor air are reduced. At the cannery of the process takes place openly, but after packing canned heat treated and decontaminated.

Protection of industrial premises of dust is a problem of ventilation on food enterprises, in which one of the peculiarities of this industry. Dedusting supply air filtration is achieved it on the ABI oil filter paper. Filters finer cleaning is usually not required.

Filters in air handling units do not make and a little more costly ventilation systems. More important the need for year-round ventilation. In summer, when the required air is usually higher than in other periods, of course, an increasing demand performance supply plants. This is particularly striking in slight excess of heat, requiring a temperature gradient between the outside temperature and the temperature of the working area of 3 В° C.

So far, health standards do not reduce the requirements of the temperature gradient for the food business, and this must be considered when designing.

To obtain a more compact air handling units at their year-round operation (for "blind" windows):

You can make processing of incoming air with water in the wash chamber to an adiabatic process, with the air temperature drops, and the required air for heat supply plants, and performance decreases, as the relative humidity in the room is usually obtained within an acceptable range of 40 to 60%;
< br> You can arrange the ventilation system in which part of the air handling units equipped with heaters and is calculated on a year-round job, and some of them do not have heaters, and is intended only for use in the summer. Naturally, the installation without heaters are more compact and require less power.