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Airborne pumps to vent

Onboard pumps to vent into practice only in the form of a rectangular mirror. However, in special cases, you can use this local exhaust and round apparatus When designing a board and the suction vent is very important to ensure the uniformity of the suction and inlet jets. To do this, suction and air-supply gap is not doing too long. Usually adhere to the ratio of height to the suction slit along its length ranging from 1: 10 to 1: 15. Typically, the suction slit, even when wedge-shaped duct, do length of 1200 mm. Air-supply gap is usually performed no longer than 1000 mm. As suction or by air-supply gap multiply rassechkami being located from each other at a distance equal to two - three values of gap width.

For a uniform velocity distribution in the suction slit suction device substantially "perezhima" (suggested by P. Spdyakova) at the entrance of air into the exhaust pipe. Width perezhima taken from 0,4 to 0,5 high suction slit suction.

Airborne pumps have small rectangular bath (apparatus, tables) made solid U-shaped. These pumps are recommended for the length of the gap not exceeding 1200 mm. At greater length slit, as well as its circular configuration of pumps made sectional.

Air from the suction side is most often removed by underground channels, so that the output tubes suction usually downwards. This is the most constructive manner, especially for the suction section.

The height of the suction gap (width for an inverted suction) is taken in the range from 40 to 100 mm. However, the possible use of slots and greater heights. When exhaust vent from the height of the gap can be much larger - up to 300 mm. The height of the blow-off gap usually take about .013 6, where b - width served mirrors, but not less than 5-7 mm.

Airborne pumps - Section and U-shaped - are made of sheet steel from 2 to 5 mm by welding or sheet vinyl plastic. Much less pumps make cast iron. When designing a bath with one-sided suction device is essentially the opposite of the fairing suction side of the bath. In any case, it is desirable to do this board with a smooth rounding, rather than an acute angle.

For rectangular plating and pickling baths to develop model-board pumps. Their size and design data are given in the corresponding references. For annular suction and suction at the tables, trays, etc. construction of suction necessary to develop for each particular case.