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Wetted dust and humidified air, sucking in gidroobespylivanii contribute overgrowing air aspiration system. The moist air easily distinguishes condensate, wet dust tends to stick together. Therefore, when gidroobespylivanii need for more frequent and thorough sweeping of ducts, precipitators before they are made of minimum length. Besides the usual hatches for cleaning is recommended to design Quick-connect the individual links of air ducts, especially in knees and branches.

In addition to shelter and aspiriruemyh main foci of dust (ie, shipments of material), the conveyor belts are still additional sources of dust, which eliminate the venting means is impossible. This is a spillage of dust clinging to the branches of a bachelor bands, as well as the grinding material between the tape and reel, tape and rollers. With these dust emission can be combated only technological activities.

Let us dwell on some features of the device aspiration systems.

Aspiration system with a large number of exhausted ached, especially while there gidroobespylivaniya characterized by three main features:

short and laid on the shortest distance ducts;

the absence or the minimum number of horizontal segments (air ducts, as a rule,

vertical or laid with a slope of 45-60 В° to the horizontal);

number of serviced local suction - from one to six (aspiration system with the amount of suction for more than six - already an exception).

In the dust collection systems, ventilation systems, for example by polishing machines, air ducts often are laid horizontally and parallel to the walls of the room. Maybe ten or even more local suction on one system. However, here it is recommended to decentralize the ventilation system, as it is more convenient to use and more reliable in terms of linking the head loss in the separate branches of the duct system.

Any aspiration system has a device for cleaning the air of dust. Cleaning devices can be single or multi-stage, wet and dry process. It is usually assumed that the dust content in the exhaust air in quantities of more than 5000 mg / m * requires a two-stage treatment.

When toxic dusts to the choice of dust - cleaning devices must be handled with special care not only because it requires a deep cleaning (up to 99,5%), but also because it is very much sound disposal of collected dust. In the dry dust collection dust collector unloading and transport of dust are always associated with an additional dusting, which in some cases it is necessary to locate local suction.

At neutral dust additional dust emission, while unpleasant for the operator Dust personnel, but not dangerous. The situation is different with toxic dust. Applying dry cleaning, should be fully mechanized and seal the process of unloading and transport of dust.