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Hammer crushers

Hammer mills and disintegrants recommended supply bypass pipe connecting the filling and discharging heat. This is done for decompression at the bottom of the machine, created by their moving parts. Dedusting of hammer crushers is usually achieved by aspiration of the type SIOT shelters that are installed on conveyors, receiving fragmented material. Dedusting disintegrator to aspirate their handling of the (bottom). The air is sucked from the most chutes or elevator shoe, and sometimes from the vessel, which enters the ground up material.

Mills and mixers with a periodic loading and unloading is usually entirely lies in the casings, they are sucked air. Housings have openings workers - open or fitted with doors. Suction hopper placed at the bottom of the casing on the opposite side of the working apertures.

Dedusting skip hoists achieved by aspiration of hiding the lower and upper parts of the lift. At the bottom is sealed overlap skip pit, where sometimes placed feeder, this overlap is hermetically joins the lower casing. Harboring the top of the elevator housing connected to the discharge chutes. Sometimes with a slight lift the entire height of hiding a solid casing. Then aspiraiionnye funnel set parameters overlap skip pit, and in some cases - and in the upper part of the casing. It should be noted that the units are loaded with skips, should also be aspirated. Perhaps the most dusty areas are receivers for fragmented materials on belt conveyors, as well as pouring from the tape na tape. Even the use of improved shelter with ventilated side cameras SPOT-type (Fig. 10) does not prevent the sometimes knock the dust.

Particularly intense dust formation is observed during unloading at the conveyor belt of crushed material from the jaw crushers, cone crushers, hammer and other. Aspiration shelters in areas of discharge mills - one of the most important tasks to combat dust.

In all cases, whenever possible, we recommend that in addition to the aspiration of unloading parts of crushers and peresypok from tape to tape applied pnevmogidroobespylivanie. Air nozzles are installed inside the shelter with the direction of plume movement toward the material.

Fig. 22. Installing pnevmoraspylitelya in shelter / - estrus, and 2 - shelter type SIOT 3 - pnevmoraspylitel 4 - Pipeline for water, 5 - tube of compressed air: 6 - aspirating funnel; 7 - sealing aprons

Fig. 22 schematically shows an installation pnevmoraspylitelya type Irgiredmet with fan-shaped nozzle in shelter type SIOT. The torch is directed toward the flow of material.

When you install pnevmoraspyliteley directly in the shelter is unobtrusive wetting material and relatively large hydration exhausted air.