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Jaw Crushers

Jaw Crushers create significant dust formation, mainly in the exit site of the crushed material. Zev crusher dusts less. Typically, the crushed material enters the conveyor belt on which the shelter is installed with side vented chambers type SIOT. From this shelter is sucking air. The upper part of the crusher is equipped with a capacious aspiriruemym shelter. One possible design for the cover shown in Fig. 20. Shelter relies on the frame grinders. When air - hydro - dedusting spray nozzles placed inside the shelter. At the entrance of the material in the shelter installed a rubber apron, reaching the material layer. Aspirating funnel attached to a non-removable wall shelters; to funnel installed pneumatic shield.

Cone crushers also provide the greatest selection of dust in the unloading part, where a positive pressure at the expense of receipt in the annular gap. Of the material enters the crusher usually conveyor system, supplied by shelter type Ciotat, aspiration which is achieved dedusting exit site. Material. When pnevmogidroobespylivanii, like jaw crusher, in shelter type SIOT set-spray nozzles. The boot of the crusher (its top) is less dusty. However, there must be hiding with his aspiration, sometimes with the installation of air-gun. Shelter is usually made far-reaching and collapsible for ease of maintenance, the crusher and the maximum is sealed, the gap between the bottom cover and upper belt (collar) crushers should not exceed 20-30 mm. The cover provides shelter sealed hatches for inspection.

Tube mills typically have a neutral loading n unloading through the hollow axle. Knocking the dust can occur through leaks, especially in places accession loading and unloading techek. For aspiration of the casing tube mill is sucking from the boot of the cross, and sometimes of the discharge. In some cases, tube mills place (except the drive and the feeder) in special chambers with soundproof enclosure from which the air suction. In this case, the unloading of the mill can not be aspirated.

Ball mills usually with a central loading by peripheral unloading are in the shrouds of which is sucking air. Aspirating funnel placed at the top of the casing. Of the discharge chutes suction is not provided; normally aspirated grain elevator or auger, which receives material from the heat.

Screens - swinging, vibrating, and Drum - create a significant dust generation. Sometimes it is possible to reduce dust generation at the expense of gidroobespylpvaniya, but the shelter of screens and their aspiration is usually needed. The best result dedusting screens gives the conclusion of a solid-capacity shelter polurazbornogo type. Shelters have connections for connecting techek and working with door openings for servicing and replacement of lattices. One of the designs aspiriruemogo shelter Vibrating shown in Fig. 21.

Feeders of all types, magnetic separators, Truck scales are equipped with solid enclosures, often prefabricated, of which is sucking air. Belleville feeders sometimes aspirated through shelters subsequent processing equipment. Large diameters (over 1,5 m) disc feeders hiding only partially in place of dumping the material from which it is sucking air.