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main production building

The main production building is usually a one-story multi-span building of considerable length. In the building there are tiers formed by work areas. Lights are arranged just above the oven compartment. Openings reactors expansions derived above the roof of the building. Vertical walls are usually allocated only dusty - Department of milling of ilmenite and the grinding-packaging department. Other equipment is most often placed in the common room, separated by a vertical sites, which have significant openings. In the dimensions of the building fit into isolated areas: laboratory space instrumentation, control panels, ventilation chambers, pumping stations, etc.

In all rooms arranged purge ventilation as with local suction or general exchange. The bulk of the air is removed general ventilation, as the prevailing naughty is excess heat.

Forced ventilation is usually combined with air heating. In areas without pylevydelepy rationally apply the supply air jets focused. When designing a forced-air heating systems to keep in mind the need for a more intense heating of the lower (zero) marks. Since fuel vehicles, in particular ovens, are at levels no lower than 4 m from the floor and as warm air is naturally inclined upward at the lower elevations may be insufficient temperature. In multi-storey shops are often on the upper elevations have to remove heat ventilation while otaplivaya the bottom mark.

Due to the above is recommended that thermal balance is not all over the place, and on separate vertical zones. Usually, the first zone extends from zero to the main venue at around 4 to 6 m, the second band - from primary site to the overlap of the building. In the first zone in the cold season the supply air is usually too hot in the second, on the contrary, most desirable low temperature flow as ventilation is designed to combat heat.

If the room has doors equipped with air curtains, for heating the lower zone may use these screens. They should be incorporated into the work automatically from the temperature sensor installed in the characteristic point at the lower end of the room. General exchange extraction is mainly from the upper zone of lights, not blowing the mines or roof fans. The department reactors expansion may exercise the hood through the concentric gap fillers have bred out Reactor. It is necessary to ensure misses precipitation into the room through the vent opening. Only in exceptional cases, the general exchange is an extract from the lower tier of the room or from the intermediate stages. However, when drawing only from the upper zone in the presence of permanent jobs on the upper floors should be provided for those aircraft dushirovanie avoid overheating of the workers.

In the dusty room inlet air is spreading mainly in the area of the smallest dust. Typically, air is supplied to perforated panels.

In the zone of furnaces (furnace or in an isolated area), except for significant heat generation and little dust emission and other harmful substances no. If heating the zero mark by heaters or air curtains doors, the general ventilation to remove excess heat is usually limited to aeration. Artificial inflows are not satisfied, except air showers.

Although rotary kilns are automated and require long-term human stay in close proximity to them (apparatchik most of the time on the remote control), should nonetheless provide the air of the soul in two points for each furnace. One of the showers is located near the furnace head. Performance of every soul is taken 4000-5000 m3 / h. In areas with hot climates air supply to air showers in summer, is processed in the wash chamber recirculating water.