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planning and design offices and support facilities

So far there are no any rules parameter design of ventilation in indoor design and engineering bureau. Limited guidance on the multiplicity of air exchange in the engineering offices are listed in the norms SN 245-63, refer to the small rooms are located in the administrative complex. With regard to project offices by institutions, then those are no indications are available. Due to the above there is arbitrariness in the design of ventilation systems in large engineering design offices.

As part of the Corps of modern industrial enterprises are large engineering and design offices, which employ hundreds of highly skilled engineers and technicians n researchers. On some particularly large enterprises design offices stand even in separate buildings. But wherever they are located - in a separate building or in the Engineering Building, Construction and design offices (or institutions) should be equipped with adequate ventilation.

In areas of design offices can only general ventilation. Supply air should be directed to the room to force a total of about 90% of the extract. The air must be submitted to the upper zone is uniformly and diffusely or in some cases the work area away from the workers is possible and with low rates. Recommendation, the network is probably the architectural conditions, feeding air into the upper zone of perforated panels with perforations only at the top. These panels can be easily zadekorirovany. Hood should be made of two zones: near 2/.ch all the air from the upper zone and about 7z - from the bottom. Location inlet panels or openings and exhaust grids should provide a good wash the entire room.

Determine the airflow calculation in this case is difficult, so it should be given but the multiplicity of exchange. Reducible and multiplicity of SP 245-03 - 1,5 exchanges per hour - certainly not enough. Pa relies on the experience right to accept the multiplicity of exchange in the engineering design offices for the cold and transitional periods equal to 2,5-3, and for the warm period - not less than 4. Only under these conditions will be provided with sufficient purity and proper room temperature. For the same period, it is desirable to warm the supply air cooling even at the expense of washing it with water recycle. However, the last question is solved according to the climatic conditions of the locality in which the enterprise is located. In some cases, of course, be justified by air conditioning. Supply air to the room design and construction bureaus should filter.

Of the auxiliary facilities engineering corps must first stop on blueprint workshops. In these rooms stand out ammonia, heat and dust, the latter holds a copier of the "Era".

In SR 245-63 over the ventilation blueprint workshops indicated only that the air in them is determined by calculation and shall not be less than three-fold. In modern blueprint workshops, as a rule, shall establish special units with shrouds and nozzles for local suction. According to passport data of these devices on them to suck air.

To compensate for the extraction of the auxiliary room supply air is fed in part to the premises themselves and partly in the corridors. In most areas stretching prevails over the influx, and zalo meetings air balance neutral. When the number of people in the conference room of more than 200 premises served by an independent supply and exhaust systems designed for the summer period and provide feed and removal of 40 ml / h of air for 1 person. In the shower room and smoking room supply air is not supplied. In the dressing room the air is supplied to compensate for the drawing of her and the shower. To compensate for the extraction of the office space air is fed into the corridors.

If the design office and administrative space allocated to a special group (a separate floor or compartment in a building), then this part of the building supply air must be submitted in an amount greater than required to compensate for the hood. Thus, in this part of the building creates a backwater.