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Production grated colors

There are still applied periodically to current devices - mixers, ball mills, as well as those with deficient sanitary point of view mechanisms, such as roller kraskoterki.

The main hazard the production of crushed paint - the dust of pigments and solvent vapors, the latter play dominant role. Used solvents - mostly white siprng, gasoline, acetone, xylene and toluene. Benzene is used less frequently, by not excluded.

Production process in kraskoterochnyh shops is easy. Pigments are mixed with a binder material in the batch mixers. The resulting mass was ground repeatedly in the three-roll kraskoterkah. The finished product is packaged in a container. Sometimes gustotertye paint diluted with a solvent in special mixers.

At small-scale operations of mixing and peretirki together and produced in small drums partially filled with metal balls, at kraskoterochnom production they are called ball mills. The process also occurs periodically. The finished paint is discharged together with the balls on trays. Formed from a colorful pasta bowls are selected manually and re-loaded into drums. When changing varieties of paint ball mill and washed with solvent before uploading.

Most non-motorized and primitive operations - a mixture of pigments with binders - linseed oil, varnish, etc. Pigments, including poisonous, usually act on the production of paper and cloth bags. Rastarivanie pigments often manual, emptying bags rush immediately to the floor.

On small businesses mixing pigments with binders made from time to time in working double roller mixers. Dry pigments are poured into the trough mixers or directly from bags or from silos or screws. In this case, there is a significant dust generation.

Dedusting these mixers is very difficult. All kinds of umbrellas with the slot and overhangs pumps do not reach the goal. It is most rational to conclude stirrer solid shelter cabins, with openings for loading and unloading. People serving mixers, in this case will be located outside the cabin and service vehicles through the appropriate openings. From the cabin air is sucked rapidly, preventing the knocking out of the openings in the working dust and solvent vapors.

Fig. 39 shows the installation of agitators in the cab-shelter. The cab runs entirely glazed for easy monitoring of performance of arrangements.

If the pigments come in bags that are manually clean out immediately on special shelves in the working aperture, it must be near each workplace aspiriruemy special bunker, which dumped empty bags.

Working openings cabin can be completely open or partially overlap mobile curtain, made of organic glass. Depending on the design of the mixer and the way it has emptied the bottom of the working aperture can also be completely open or partially closed.

For kraskoterki with long rolls of 900 mm and 400 mm diameter size umbrella in the plan can be taken 1100x 1400 mm. At a speed of 0.5 m / s the volume of air will be removed

L = 3600-1,1-1,4-0,5 В«m31ch 2800.

With a large number of air per kraskoterok kraskoterochnyh offices to obtain significant. Multiplicity of exchange in these areas is obtained within 30 to 50 exchanges per hour.

The premises kraskoterok arranged as general ventilation with extraction of the upper zone with a multiplicity of at least three.