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purge ventilation

In workshops, producing lead and chromium crown arranged purge ventilation. Heat is small, the room is usually heated, at least in the lower tier. Humidity these shops are only slightly damp. Supply air is supplied above the working area of each floor or tier-and partly in the work area in place of the least pollution. In the middle zone air enters through the perforated panel, working - through the diffusers. General exchange extraction is carried out at the overlap of each floor or deck of at least once. From the top floor of an extract can be carried out with deflectors.

In the production of foliage serious problem is the cleaning of industrial premises of dust. Wet and dry cleaning to wash the floors and walls malopriemlema. In this production the most rational cleaning using industrial vacuum cleaners and sweepers. Cleaning the filter vacuums should be done in special ventilated cabin, where only allowed to work in a respirator. In such a cabin air to be created in at least tridtsatikratnom exchanges per hour. The larger air is not needed, since the work in the cockpit and periodic short-term.

Cleaning of the aspiration of air from dust in the manufacture of crown just a dry cloth filter at the suction. Collected in the filter dust in estrus and with the help of screws (also aspiriruemyh) is fed into the appropriate bin. Under adverse conditions, when the company is located near residential areas, we recommend that additional filtration. As a second step should be filtered very fine filter, for example type "Lyke. In enterprises that produce the crown shall be ventilated, not only production facilities but also storage. Especially important is ventilation finished goods warehouse.