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specificity of ventilation-rise buildings

Corps of industrial enterprises, usually involving konstrktorsko and design offices, skilled and semi installation, research laboratories and ancillary buildings are almost always located in multistory buildings. In these same buildings are usually the central laboratories of industrial enterprises. High-rise buildings with lots of medium-sized rooms are also characteristic of scientific research institutes - self or members of the industrial enterprise. On its production characteristics of scientific research institutes are very close to the engineering corps. Multi-storey industrial building with a significant amount medium-sized rooms are also found in electronic and instrument industry.

Listed industrial facilities have much in common in nature made them work and type of equipment used. In research institutes and engineering sections of the plant, as well as in industrial buildings exact instrument is largely used in manual labor, particularly in operations such as soldering and welding, painting products and parts, galvanic coating and etching, grinding and polishing, hand assembly, etc. The equipment is usually melkogabaritnoe sometimes poluzavodskogo and even laboratory-type, located partially in the hood and small shelters.

Under these buildings as a result produced in these works stand out a variety of hazards, from excess heat and ending at times the most toxic hazard - mercury vapors, lead, etc. The number of hazards are usually insignificant compared to the production facilities of other profiles.

Corps of Engineers, laboratory and production workshops radio and instrumentation, as well as research institutes are to objects in hazardous production processes. Ventilation plays a key role, determining not only the preservation of health, but also the most effective production and research processes. In some shops precision instrument-means of ventilation provided by a clean air environment which is not necessary for sanitary reasons. In addition, sometimes the need to maintain constant air conditions - temperature and humidity - in a very precise limits, i. e. require full air conditioning.

Under these buildings is very important another two factors that must be accountability, and are not always taken into account when designing ventilation: the silence and lack of vibration. In a noisy environment it is hardly possible serious scientific work, and even the smallest vibration is detrimental to the accuracy produced by research, such as weighing or assembly of thin devices.

In multi-storey buildings ventilation design compliance with these requirements on the inadmissibility of noise and vibration based on the only correct principle of placing supply and exhaust systems. Enlarged inlet and the same type of installation are located at the bottom of the building on the ground, but not on the ceiling. Extraction same setup, generally decentralized, being given in the upper area of the building in a special technical floor with reinforced overlap, the exhaust pipe is directly output through the roof outside. Arrangement of supply and exhaust systems in high-rise building is shown in Fig. 49. Accommodation supply plants in the ground floor or basement, except to prevent vibration of building structures, substantially all of the considerations of non-reverse thrust in the air handling systems. Backdraft when the system stops dangerous here because of the presence of toxic substances and vzryvopasnyh.

It would seem that exhaust setup can be placed on any floor, but taking steps to isolate them and prevent vibration. For it is not. When placing the exhaust systems in the intermediate floors is very difficult to draw the exhaust pipes above the ridge of the roof, that in these buildings is necessary. The only way - to trace the pipe outside the building, but malopriemlem aesthetic reasons. Run the same pressure ducts through the overlying floor is unacceptable due to the presence of toxic hazards.