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suction of the suspended hopper

In some cases, suction of the suspended hopper through casing Truck scales. For treatment of aching removes air, usually used Suction Cloth filters.

Under certain conditions, flour dust is explosive, but since the observed concentrations of dust in bakeries explosion is virtually eliminated, then the blast special measures there is usually not accepted. Installing the fan filters are in the usual way.

Practical data on the concentrations of dust in the exhaust air is not available. Approximately one can assume an average dust concentration of 400 mg/m3.

Dust emission is possible and when it loads of flour in the bowl kneading machine. Loading the bowl is made under a special movable shelter, under which set bowl. From the shelter air is sucked through a flexible tube.

The volume of air that must be removed from the shelter bowl, recommended order of 500-600 m3 / h.

The main processes of bread production flow i in the main production shop, which houses the dough and testorazdelochnye machine cabinets for proofing the dough and baking ovens. On older bakeries dough and testorazdelochnoe offices obosablivalis from the bakery. In modern plants three offices located in the same room.

In the main production shop has heat from stoves, products and mechanisms vlagovydeleniya from the test and the proofers and dust emission while loading flour in bowl. Prevailing naughty is excess heat.

Heat unevenly distributed around the room, forming a "cold" part, which are dough machines, and "hot", where the baking oven. Usually dough units are placed at the outer wall, ie, in most parts of the cooled space. The total heat in the main shop, as a rule, the thermal losses in winter. It would seem that the room does not need heating, but it is not so, for neighbors to the outside powers spans almost no teplopostupleny.

Submission of fresh air is produced mainly in the 'cold' concentration spans or using diffusers in the work zone. If the air is overheated, then by cooling it is possible to heat spans without heat. Cool 'cool' spans the supply air is used later for the assimilation of heat in the hot part of the premises, where the furnace. In the calculation of required heating the air space is conventionally divided into two zones. Overheating should be compensated, heat absorption of the cold zone.

The same plenum system operating parameters, including recycling, exercise Duty heating (up to a temperature (10 C) for stopping production.

Such a scheme of heating and ventilation main shop is acceptable if the supply air is heated in the radiator. Of course, in this case is admissible partial recycling, and recycle air is taken from the hot side of the room.

In some cases, forced-air heating of the cold part and a purely recirculating system. In this case, additionally arranged Duty heating heaters.